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Prevention is the only cure

InBody FRA

The InBody Fall Risk Assessment (FRA), is designed to identify the risk of falling and assess the current state of balance. Though the FRA can be used by anyone, the population of the elderly is the one who benefits of its outcomes the most.

Most falls among the elderly are caused by the lack of body balance and leg strength. By knowing ones risk of falling, 80% of all falls can be prevented among the elderly. A simple fall may seem insignificant but it can greatly affect the lives of older people as it can cause injuries and impair their physical function.

Therefore, the InBody FRA is of paramount importance to inform medical professionals of potential risk of falling in their patients. First, we evaluate the risk of falling, and if the risk is above a certain level, we identify fall risk factors from various angles. The fall risk can be reduced if its factors are continuously managed and patients are given personalized treatment.

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InBody FRA

How does it work?

Intake and testing

Firstly, the patient will register with you and fill out a short survey to get to know their health background. You then perform a sensory system, nervous system and balance capability test on the InBody FRA.

Analysis and advice

After thorough testing of the patient, the outcomes can be analyzed and interpreted by the professional. Based on this, the professional will provide reliable advice on how to improve the balance and strength.


In due time, the patient should show positive change in their ability to balance. Through the monitoring of the patients’ progress, the professional can assess and adjust the treatment where necessary.

InBody FRA Highlights

Personalized treatment and patient management

The various parameters provided in the results increase the quality of treatment related to balance and falls, and the treatment becomes convenient with scores and evaluations that can be easily and intuitively understood. In addition, it is possible to establish an efficient and personalized patient management system by managing the high-risk fall groups through periodic examination and treatment.

Progress and improvement through fun

The InBody FRA does not simply perform balance capability tests, but also provides balance exercises that can improve the lacking balance factors in patients. Balance exercises provide a customized program for each patient based on the initial balance capability test.

These balance exercises are presented in a playful manner, meaning the InBody FRA has integrated games to enhance the balance of patients through play. These games are specifically designed to make balance improvement fun!

InBody FRA

Extensive result sheet

Sensory System Analysis

Sensory System Analysis is an item that evaluates how well it maintains equilibrium using information transmitted from the somatosensory, visual, and vestibular senses in detail. This test, called m-CTSIB, analyzes your ability to maintain equilibrium with each sensory decline.

Integrated Balance Capability Test

The integrated balance capability analysis evaluates how well the center of gravity is managed while maintaining integrative balance, based on the fact that the sensory system, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system can achieve the balance of the body when they faithfully perform their roles.

Nervous System Analysis

Neural System Analysis measures the reaction time and posture holding time to evaluate how fast you respond when recognizing a situation. The elderly people react slower as they get older, so the risk of falls can be lowered if they can quickly recognize and judge the situation when exposed to the risk of falls.

Musculoskeletal System Analysis

Musculoskeletal analysis Evaluates whether or not the leg muscle mass, leg strength are sufficient, last but not least if the symmetrical balance is achieved. Decrease in leg muscle mass and leg strength is commonly found in the elderly people, and weakness in the lower extremity is a very important risk factor causing falls.


The InBody Health Corner

The InBody Health Corner can be deployed as part of the ecosystem within various industries.

InBody FRA

The InBody FRA tests the balance capability of a person. The improvement of balance is also made possible through the playing of games specifically designed to make progress fun.

The InBody

Each InBody model provides an extensive analysis of the body composition. Through its result sheet outcomes the professional can make decisions and provide personalized advice.

InBody Carpet

Before using the InBody, clients can comfortably take off their shoes and wipe their feet to ensure an accurate InBody test.

InBody Leg Strength Monitor

In combination with the InBody FRA, the InBody LS will measure leg strength per left and right leg and provide valuable information for the overall analysis.

InBody Cloud

Lookin'Body Web

This unique platform is designed for professionals who work with people. It stores data from your clients and allows you to set goals together, create groups  and set up internal challenges among your members or patients. Plus, it’s the perfect cloud-based tool to promote your business using data. Showcase your clients’ success, such as muscle gain or fat loss, using the data stored in Lookin’Body Web.

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