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The ultimate portable analysis

InBody 380 Body Composition

The InBody 380 is one of the first InBody models to include a smart element, revolutionizing the DSM-BIA market. The QR code scanner, integrated with the device, allows for simplified data entry for enhanced measurement efficiency.

Never before has the ease of measurement been this extensive.Through the ergonomically designed hand electrodes, an accurate measurement is done by holding the3-way hand electrode anywhere.

Fitness and health providers greatly benefit from the detailed analysis the InBody 380 provides. It helps monitor body water balance, cellular integrity and shows an extensive analysis on fat- and muscle mass. Fitness and health professionals can use this data to provide personalized training programs, advice and consultations.

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InBody 380

What's new?

QR code scanner

The InBody 380 is one of InBody’s first models with a smart element, revolutionizing the DSM-BIA market. The integrated QR code scanner enables simplified data entry for improved measurement efficiency.

Portable design

Take the InBody 380 with you! Thanks to its foldable design and light weight, the InBody 380 is easy to take with you for transportation. Have a personal training session with an InBody test in Birmingham at 09:00 and have another client waiting for you in Coventry at 11:00? No problem!

3-way hand electrode

Never before has the ease of measurement been so comprehensive. The ergonomically designed hand electrodes allow accurate measurement by holding the 3-way hand electrode anywhere.

InBody 380 Highlights


The InBody 380 is uniquely light for such a ‘heavy weight’ body composition analyzer. Its portability is ideal for personal trainers, medical specialists, nutritionists and applicable to many other fields of expertise that operate ina fast-paced environment, moving from one place to another.

Though movable, it remains a sturdy InBody device with unmatched accuracy. The best part is the foldable structure and compact design of the InBody380 which facilitates simpler transportation and better space utilization. You can take it with you and do an InBody test anywhere!

QR Code Scanner

Entering your data on the InBody is a thing of the past. From now on, you simply scan your personal QR code and your data will be immediately visible on the InBody 380 (provided there is already a registration with your data).

This ensures that you as an entrepreneur can implement a more efficient way of measuring with your clients and your clients will have a more advanced measurement experience. In addition, the results are communicated directly to the client’s InBody App so they can view them with you.

InBody 380


Body Water Balance

Maintaining a balanced body water balance is essential to overall health. InBody’s Whole Body ECW Ratio serves as a valuable tool for monitoring and assessing an individual’s health status.

Cellular Integrity Check

Phase angle is an essential measure that indicates cellular health by revealing cellular integrity and overall physiological function. InBody’s phase angle helps assess an individual’s cellular health and assists in directing necessary actions.

Assessment of Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia can be easily assessed and evaluated using the Skeletal Muscle Mass Index (SMI) and Hand Grip Strength*, allowing for comprehensive evaluation and personalized consultations. *Hand Grip Strength is available in conjunction with the InBody Handgrip Dynamometer (IB-HGS).

Body composition analysis

In addition to the impessive body composition additions above, the InBody 380 still provides the classic body composition analysis parameters. This includes, for example, muscle mass, fat mass and fat percentage. Maintain a complete and detailed overview with the InBody 380!


The InBody Health Corner

The InBody Health Corner can be deployed as part of the ecosystem within various industries.


Stand on the InBody Carpet after removing your shoes and wiping your feet with the InBody Tissue.

Height Measurement

Use the BSM-170 Stadiometer to measure the exact height of the user. This information is needed for accurate body composition analysis.

Blood Pressure Monitor

The BPBIO 750 is a stand-alone blood pressure monitor that can be integrated with your InBody device to provide biometric and body composition results for your clients.

Voice Guidance System

Users can test with or without a trained professional. The InBody 380 provides audio-visual and step-by-step instructions for the user.

Hand Electrodes

Grasp the hand electrodes and stand up straight. Place your thumbs anywhere on the 3-way hand electrodes and wrap fingers around the handle. Extend the arms down and away from the torso, as shown on the InBody 380 screen.

Feet Electrodes

Stand with the heels on the rear round electrodes and extend the toes so that the feet are aligned with the foot electrodes. Do not move until the device gives new instructions.


The InBody Resultsheet is automatically printed once the InBody test is completed. Use Lookin’Body Web to upload all InBody test data to a computer for efficient data management.


Use the InGrip to test a person’s muscle strength. This test helps assess such things as sarcopenia. The InGrip is easy to integrate with the InBody 380.

InBody Touch

The InBody Touch not only displays the results of an InBody test, but also provides personalized recommendations based on body composition. For example, it provides supplement advice, nutritional advice and many other tips for improving body composition.

InBody Cloud

InBody App

You and your clients can use the InBody App to easily view and track body composition data. It gives users a clear overview of their health. Moreover, it shows all the detailed content in terms of parameters provided through the InBody test. With the InBody App, your body composition data is always close at hand.

Lookin'Body Web

This unique platform was designed for professionals who work with people. It stores and views data of your customers and gives you the opportunity to set goals with them, create groups(e.g., 12-week fat loss group), and set up internal challenges amongst your members. In addition, it is the perfect cloud-based tool to help you promote your business through data. Showcase your customers’ success like muscle gain or fat loss through the data kept in Lookin’BodyWeb.

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