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The Inbody 770 and S10 are used by doctors and health experts worldwide for clinical research.


Observe changes in body composition for nutritional evaluation.


Gain useful insights into the hydration and nutritional status of dialysis patients.


Demonstrate the risk factors of cardiovascular disease in advance.


Observe muscle mass, muscle imbalance and sarcopenia, which are related to fall risks and vulnerability.


Observe injury and post-operative recovery.

Professional Sports

Manage body composition to improve performance and minimize the risk of injury.

Validated and used in more than 10,000 research studies

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Revolutionary BIA technology from InBody

InBody medical body composition analyzers rely on four technological milestones to provide highly accurate and precise results that are highly correlated with golden standard methods.

8-Point Tactile Electrode System

When measuring impedance with electrodes, contact resistance occurs. InBody accounts for contact resistance by strategically placing electrodes to accurately measure impedance in the body.

Direct Segmental Measurements

InBody provides separate measurements for each of the body’s 5 cylinders (left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, and trunk) to provide accurate data.

Multiple Frequencies

InBody uses different currents at different frequencies to provide the most precise analysis of body water.

No Estimations

No empirical estimates are used to calculate your body composition. InBody measures your impedance independently so your results are not affected by your age, ethnicity or gender.

A test takes less than 60 seconds

Tests are made easy through voice and visual guidance.

More than 50 body composition parameters available

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