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Take your gym to the next level!

InBody is the pinnacle of body composition products for the health & fitness market. Delivering medically graded products to the industry, providing accurate, comprehensive and meaningful results for your clientele. Built on reputation and excellence, InBody is dedicated to inspiring people and motivating them to lead a healthier life.

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Prove the quality of your services on paper. Give your clients their results in black and white and show them how they can improve


Show your clients you’re with them every step of the way on their health and fitness journeys. Inspire your members to focus on changes that really matter based on their InBody Test results


Boost your ROI and revenue by offering complimentary consultations with InBody Tests. Sell the tests separately or include them in the gym memberships


See how businesses utilise the InBody

Watch testimony videos of how doctors, fitness professionals, and health experts alike have used InBody to validate their programs and increase member retention.

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The next level
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At InBody we assist you in the full customer journey of your clients. From the moment of intake to a fully motivated gym member, InBody provides materials to increase motivation, loyalty and revenue.

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The right InBody for you!

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InBody 270
Portable Analysis

Do InBody tests wherever you go! With its compact design the InBody 270 is created for travelling professionals

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InBody 370S
Professional Analysis

The InBody 370S is the base model for gyms. This model was especially designed to attract the attention of members within a gym.

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InBody 770
Ultimate Analysis

The Inbody 770 is a research grade body composition analyser and helps professionals worldwide in the field of diabetes, sarcopenia, nephrology, obesity, fitness and more.

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Inbody is integrated with the major fitness equipment providers, Technogym, Milon, Egym and MyZone. Gym members can now easily track their progress anywhere and anytime.

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