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On Monday 15th November at 10:00 and 13:00, the UK InBody team will be hosting a live webinar to answer questions about InBody and the products.

InBody is pioneering the health conversation when it comes to understanding our bodies, being healthy and aiding recovery and rehabilitation. InBody is now used across the globe in Health and Fitness clubs, education sites, medical centres, and is part of the NHS Supply Chain.

InBody recognises that with a large product portfolio and new products being launched imminently that it is important for new and existing clients to be able to seek answers to their questions, in order to utilise InBody effectively and also identify which InBody or additional supporting products; such as the BPBIO blood pressure monitor or connecting the InBody to Lookin’ Body web.

To register for these live events simply follow the details below:

Session 1 – 15th November 10 am REGISTER HERE

Session 2 – 15th November 1 pm REGISTER HERE

For more details or if you have any further questions please email