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Total Fitness has introduced a brand-new leading body composition device to its flagship site in Wilmslow.

Since January, the gym’s personal trainers have been using the 570 InBody device with members as they embark on their fitness journey, and in just three months more than 1,000 scans have been completed.

The gym also reports that 60% of those 1,000 were in fact repeat scans from customers wanting to see how their results compared to their initial scan.

Total Fitness’ dedication to continuously improve its member journey is one of the main reasons why the team invested in the body composition device.

The InBody 570 device is the advanced body composition analyser and goes beyond traditional analysis by measuring fat, muscle and total body water. In just 45 seconds, a user receives a report detailing their overall health which is an incredibly valuable resource for fitness settings.

While the device is fantastic for providing the full picture of a person’s overall health, how the results are explained and understood is a fundamental part of the user’s experience.

“The results of the scans need to be properly communicated to truly appreciate the results and what they mean, so all of our PTs at Wilmslow completed comprehensive training with the InBody team,” comments Richard Wilson, Head of Personal Training at Total Fitness.

“We want to deliver the best service to our customers so we’ve made sure our PTs can successfully analyse the results of each scan to make a significant difference to our members.”

Ever since Total Fitness started offering scans to its members, the team has noticed people are more engaged both at the gym and with their PT. In fact, 90% of members who recently completed a scan said they found the device to be massively beneficial to their programme and fitness journey.

Richard adds: “While there are many great benefits to exercise, you can’t always immediately see the results. From our experience, the InBody scans have helped users to understand it’s more than what’s on the scales or what you see in the mirror. They’re given a true picture of their overall health so they can see the real progress that they’ve made in real time.”

Francesca Cooper-Boden, InBody UK Co Director, said: “Traditionally health is prescribed by BMI and weight but with a device like InBody, users are shown a detailed report on everything from their muscle mass, fat percentage and total body water.

“It’s the perfect device to use in a fitness setting like Total Fitness because users can immediately know where they are in terms of their health, identify what changes they need to make and continuously track their progress.

“It’s fantastic to have the Total Fitness team on board and it’s great to see that the whole team are behind the InBody training to make sure their members get the most out of the device.

“Completing 1,000 scans in the first few months is an amazing result and no doubt as they start to promote the device more widely to their users this number will continue to rise.”