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InBody UK has celebrated record monthly sales in the medical and fitness sectors. Delivering on the promise of continued growth through varied UK markets. 

Key staff hires to improve and offer the best support and education to its customers and users, an aggressive on-site schedule and getting InBody quite literally everywhere, has been the vision of Director Francesca Cooper- Boden. 

Through emotive and educated testing, her team is changing how body composition is viewed and used in the UK. Celebrating a collective five years with InBody in September, Francesca Cooper-Boden has been the UK Director for two of those five. 

Francesca says “To hit record sales on my 5th year anniversary is a real pinnacle moment in my career. It is the hard work, determination and passion of all that work and have worked here, believing and embodying my passion that there is a better way. InBody is a superb product and solution, but it’s the people that make the difference in how we engage and actually help. 

The loyalty, trust and patience of this team, who have navigated the business through some exceptional challenges and darker times, and their energy and willingness has led us here. They support the endless amendments I make, adapting and growing the business. They are incredible and InBody UK is a success because of them. 

Special mentions to Sophie Browne, our Operations Manager, who has been by my side the entire time. 

It’s not only here in the UK that the team has evolved but the patience and support shown from InBody CEO, Ms Rami Lee, based in HQ Korea, is exceptional too. This is my first Director role and Rami has believed in me, and provided freedom to develop the InBody brand in the UK under her watchful eye. Always challenging and questioning my decisions. She is an incredible business person and truly caring colleague. I’m honoured to have learnt from her. InBody’s continued global success is not surprising under her leadership. ‘I trust you’ being a favourite encouragement. 

The brand goes from strength to strength and we have no plans of slowing, in the UK or the globe. There is a better way, the InBody way. It makes life better.”