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InBody has announced a strategic partnership with ukactive, the UK’s leading membership body for the physical activity sector.

InBody joins ukactive as a Strategic Partner, to further the company’s vision in supporting children, young adults and their families in the need to develop a  greater understanding and education of health and how it  impacts on the overall quality of life.

In the past 18 months InBody has made significant progress in launching several new products to enhance and complement the medically graded range, which provide a tool for the medical and health and fitness market in understanding, monitoring and research into bioelectrical impedance analysis. 

 Partnerships now include several high profile Paediatric units at top hospitals, as well as Cardiology departments. InBody is working closely with these partners to help break down the use of bio impedance analysis as a way to really monitor children’s health, without focusing on the more traditional methods which are becoming outdated within the medical setting. 

This focus, on making a real difference to our nation’s health, created a natural relationship and opportunity to become a Strategic Partner of ukactive, and to expand the network of change.

Francesca Cooper UK Co-Director says “To become part of the Strategic Partnership has always been the plan, however to really have something tangible to bring to the table and to gain support in making a difference, has to be the priority to join. InBody is now in that position and we are excited to finally become part of ukactive.”