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Leading body composition device, InBody 270, has been fully embraced and integrated at an independent award winning health and fitness club in Essex.

For the last 12 months, Club Kingswood has encouraged new and existing members to complete a full body composition scan before embarking on their fitness journey.

The InBody 270 device breaks down an individual’s body composition by providing details on their weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage and body water levels. Installed at the Club Kingswood premises in Basildon, the device is free for all members to use.

“We always encourage our members to complete an InBody scan when they first join Club Kingswood because it gives a true picture of their fat mass, muscle mass and body water levels,” explains Alex Owen, General Manager at Club Kingswood.

“With a device on site, our members can regularly track their progress which keeps them motivated and increases the chances of sticking to their fitness goals.”

“People often join the gym to lose weight and they’re always a bit disappointed when they jump on the scales and don’t see the weight loss – they tend to give up. But, by using an accurate body composition device that generates its own reports, users can see for themselves how their body has changed.”

Unlike some areas of the fitness industry that are yet to embrace technology, Club Kingswood is ahead of the curve for not only using the InBody device but for also incorporating it into EGYM – the system which delivers a comprehensive workout experience for all members.

“We tried and tested a few different body composition devices and InBody was the best because it was easy to use and we preferred the report it produced,” adds Alex.

“The report isn’t too overly clinical and gives a good overview of a body’s makeup and provides the stats that people are interested in. It’s also fully compatible with our existing members app so everyone can see their reports and progress in one place.”

With almost 3,000 existing members that complete up to 25 scans a day, Club Kingswood has seen first-hand how valuable InBody 270 is within a fitness setting.

“People seem to focus on body fat percentage and while that’s important, InBody gives lots of other measurements for things they might not be aware of until they have a scan,” said Alex.

“InBody isn’t focused on weight loss, it provides a full body scan and, in all honesty, I don’t know where we’d be without one.”

“If you don’t have a device in your gym, I’d definitely recommend making the investment because without one, your members don’t get a true picture of where they are physically at the start of their fitness journey.”

Francesca Cooper-Boden, InBody UK Co Director, said: “Club Kingswood has certainly set a great standard for independent gyms. It’s great to see how they’re using the InBody device to help deliver an incredibly valuable membership.

“Our 270 device is fantastic for providing information to help steer and set fitness goals so it’s not surprising to hear it’s being used over and over again at Club Kingswood.”

“The fact our software also integrates with EGYM is another bonus for members who can easily see and track their fitness progress.”

“We’re pleased to hear the club is having such amazing success with the device and we look forward to continuing working together in the future.”